When Samsung and Apple’s Samsung Watch Series 3 hits stores, you can’t beat the price tag

The Samsung Gear VR, the company’s first smartwatch, is now available for just $349.

The price is more than double the current retail price of $199.

The new Samsung Gear is a $130 smartwatch that includes an accelerometer and GPS.

It is also compatible with a new Samsung Watch band, which Samsung says will be available later this year.

This is the first time a smartwatch can be paired with a Gear VR.

The Samsung Watch Band will allow users to pair the device with an existing Gear VR headset, like the Gear VR Elite or Gear VR Samsung Gear.

The Gear VR is compatible with both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets.

Samsung said the Gear is compatible in the United States and Canada.

The Samsung Watch also comes with a range of new features including a smartband-like wristband that allows you to attach a GearVR headset to the wrist.

The band comes with an embedded accelerometer, which helps you move your wrist.

Samsung also announced that it is working on new smartwatches that will enable the GearVR to work with existing headsets, like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR.

In addition, Samsung will add support for Samsung’s Gear VR-compatible Gear VR headsets to its Gear VR apps.

Samsung has already partnered with the Oculus VR team, which includes developers and users, for its GearVR apps.

The company also recently announced a new app for the Gear, called Gear VR Connect, which lets you control GearVR-compatible devices through a smartphone app.

Samsung announced the Gear has also been updated to include a new smartband that makes it compatible with Samsung GearVR.

It also included a few other new features, including a new sensor for tracking heart rate and motion.

This sensor uses the same sensors as the Gear headset, which makes it an ideal companion to the Gear.

Samsung also said it is adding a number of new smartwatch features, such as a new motion tracking camera, and a camera for tracking user facial expressions.

Samsung is also adding a third-party app to the platform that will let users track their health data.

The app will also let users create fitness profiles that will be shared with health apps.

These apps will also allow users on the Samsung Watch to see their progress over time.

The new Samsung SmartWatch Series 3, which will launch in September, is powered by the latest version of Samsung’s Android operating system, with the latest features.

It comes with the Samsung Galaxy Gear VR (with Oculus Rift support), Samsung Gear 3 (with HTC Vive support), and Samsung Gear Smart.

The watch is also powered by Android Wear, Samsung’s wearables platform that is the companys answer to Apple’s Apple Watch.

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