Rock band Gaither vocal group performs in a concert at London’s Brixton Academy

The Rock Band franchise is back in action with a new concert series that will feature music from some of the band’s most popular and beloved bands.

Gaither singer-bassist and bassist Matt Gaither will headline the new Rock Band Concert Series at London Brixton’s Brixtone Academy, which was opened by the band in 2015 and features a range of styles from country to funk.

“We’ve had a really good time over the years at Brixtones Academy, and we’ve played a ton of bands over the past couple of years, so we know what it takes to be one of the top bands in the world,” said Gaither, who will join bassist Scott Stansfield, guitarist Matt Deane, drummer Justin Fenton, guitarist Mark Lohr and guitarist Jason Dufour.

“The idea for Rock Band Live was to really give the fans what they want,” said Stanswell, who also acts as a co-host on the Rock Band Podcast.

“You know what you can do to have fun and have fun, and to bring out the best of the world, and that’s what we’ve done.”

“The Rock Band Experience will be like no other,” said Lohrh, who is also a co, and has worked closely with the band since the band first hit the stage in 2007.

“You’ll be able to play, dance and sing with the best bands in world, so you can enjoy it, just as much as you did the first time.”

I hope we can all get a little bit out of the house and have a blast.””

It’ll all be a lot of fun.

I hope we can all get a little bit out of the house and have a blast.”

The Rock Player series will be run by a partnership between the Brixtons Academy and the Brixton Live event, which will include live performances by bands from the band including The Kinks, The Beatles, Queen, Alice Cooper, The Who, the Beach Boys and others.

The Rock Live event will take place on Saturday May 15 and will also feature live performances from a range, including The Flaming Lips, The Chutes, The Black Keys, The Cure, The Killers, The Eagles, The Shins, The Replacements, The Pixies, The Pretenders, The Mamas and the Papas, The Beach Boys, The Allman Brothers Band, Queen and more.

The Brixton Academy is one of London’s most renowned arts and culture venues, and is home to the London School of Economics.

Gaether is a regular attendee of the event.

“I love the Briftons Academy.

It’s a very cool venue and a great venue for me, and I love performing there.

I love being a part of that,” said the frontman.”

This year is an exciting one for me because it’s really about taking my talents and putting them to the test, and seeing where I’m at.”

Tickets for the Rock Concert Series start at just £6.99 and will be available online at the BriXTonesAcademy website, by calling 0871 923 0444 or by calling 020 7829 7100.

For more information about the Rock Artist Series, including dates, tickets and how to book a spot, visit

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