This song is about a girl who lost her boyfriend and is now alone

Gaither’s “Brick” is the first song from her new album, “Bricks” which is out April 4.

The song is a story about a woman who lost a boyfriend and now has a friend who lives alone.

She finds a way to get back together with her friend who she’s been dating for several years.

Gaither’s story is so moving and personal that the lyrics, written by the band’s lead singer, also feature the line, “She lost her best friend / She lost her soul / She can’t find a soul to make love to.”

This is a poignant and poignant story about loss and loss of a soul.

In a recent interview with Billboard, Gaither explained the song is inspired by her mother who was diagnosed with cancer.

She also revealed the lyrics are inspired by a song she wrote for her mother’s funeral.

Gaither also talked about the meaning of her new song, which she said is about losing a friend.

“She died alone,” she said.

“And then I went and wrote a song for her funeral.

So it’s like, I lost a friend, too.”

Gaither said that this song is not about the love story.

“I’m not looking for a love story,” she told Billboard.

“This is not an album for people to be looking for love.

And it’s about your soul and your feelings and your connection to that person. “

It’s really about the loss of something that was important to you.

And it’s about your soul and your feelings and your connection to that person.

I think that’s what’s important.”

Gaither said the album will feature some new songs, including the title track, “No Love,” which features a new vocal sample that is from the original track.

Gauthier also said the band is working on a new video for the song, as well as a new track.

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