Which band is the best band for you?

The Cake Band, led by singer/guitarist Tim Miller, have made a name for themselves in the arena-rock scene.

Their song “Love Me Like You Do” has won awards for best rock song, best guitar solo, and best video for its video.

But the band’s latest release, a double album titled Love Me Like a Man, may not be for everyone.

The band is taking a more “emo” approach to their music.

The album features tracks from indie-rock acts such as Black Sheep, the Pixies, and Madeon, among others.

Miller says his bandmates are looking to create a “new sound” with the new album.

“We don’t want to be in the mainstream,” Miller said.

“But we want to go in a different direction, and maybe have a little more fun.”

The band’s music has been embraced by a growing number of fans, and Miller believes that the band is “just scratching the surface” of what the audience wants.

“People are always trying to get in on the dance floor, and it’s a fun time, and they want to see people do cool things and play music,” Millers said.

The CakeBand’s latest album, Love Me …

Like a Woman, was released in May.

They have a number of upcoming tour dates.

The first dates include the United Kingdom’s Coachella festival, and the dates will be announced soon.

Millers music is also being featured on the BBC’s music podcast, Listen and Tell, which is airing on Radio 1.

“I think the people that really really care about it are going to get to hear it,” Millert said.

You can also listen to Millers album in its entirety on the Cake Band’s website.

The cake band also has a number other albums under their belt, such as The Cake Bands Songbook, and an EP of songs that Millers wrote for the band, including the track “Solo Love.”

You can see the full album schedule on their website.

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