Which bands played the most popular songs in 70s Australia?

I’m a huge fan of The Killers and I was lucky enough to visit their Melbourne home last year to see them perform at The National on a chilly Saturday night.

I was also able to catch a concert of the band’s new album, The Kill and the Dead, at the National in September last year, and even caught them performing the song that would go on to become the theme song of the hit television show American Dad.

But there’s a reason why I was so excited to see the band play Australian soil.

Their live show is one of the most unique and unique acts in Australian music history, and the crowd that came out to see The Kill was truly the epitome of Australian music.

I caught up with guitarist/vocalist Matt Helders at the bands hometown of Perth, and I wanted to know more about how they got their start in Australian metal and why they’re still a huge hit on the national stage.

I also wanted to hear what their future plans are.

First, let’s talk about what you guys are known for.

Matt: Well, I think The Kill is a bit of a cliché to say, but I guess I’m not averse to calling them a band.

We were always just a bunch of guys in a garage making music, which is probably why we’re still so popular and the band has still been around for quite some time.

I think that’s probably the most important thing.

I guess my favourite part of The Band is that we have a lot of different musical styles.

So the main thing is, we don’t really sing, we’re not very good at playing music.

The main thing we do is just play loud and have fun, and that’s what I really love about The Kill.

I like to think that when we were doing our first album, we were the same way.

I didn’t know how to play guitar or what we were good at, and we just got to trying out a bunch different things and figuring out how to get it to work together.

Matt: I’ve always had a fascination with music and metal, so I’ve seen all these bands, bands that I’ve watched play and bands that haven’t had a lot to do with me.

I’ve also seen bands with huge, rabid fanbases, bands like Metallica and Slayer.

I saw a Metallica show in 2009 and I’ve been a huge Metallica fan since I was a teenager, so the band was definitely one of my favourite bands growing up.

But what drew me in was the fact that they were an Australian band, so they had a strong Australian heritage and I really liked their music.

Matt : I was really into punk and hardcore at the time, so there’s definitely a part of me that was into that too.

I just wanted to be a part.

I really did.

Matt started writing music at the age of six, and when he was nine he decided to start playing guitar at the end of his second year of secondary school.

He’d just moved to Perth from the city of Perth with his family, so he had a whole bunch of new friends.

They would go to his house and they’d all be playing in his bedroom.

Matt had a drum kit and a guitar and a bass.

Matt was just a really cool kid, and he was so good with the guitar that he had the biggest drum kit in the room.

So, he decided that he was going to be the guy that was going on stage, and they made a band, The Band.

Matt’s band was so successful and he became the frontman of The Black Label Society, which he’d later go on record with as a solo artist.

But Matt’s passion for music was still there and he started writing his own songs, so it was a very different band.

Matt would record with his friends and go and play gigs, and at the same time, he’d go and write new songs.

Matt has always been a very talented musician, so for us to see him as a musician is always very special, but at the moment, I just want to do what I love, which I guess is just playing music, singing and having fun.

Matt also has a love for Australian food, and his favourite Australian dish is the kangaroo burger, which has nothing to do at all with any of us and is just a way of saying, “Yeah, I know I’m Australian, but here’s this burger.”

So, it’s just a very special burger.

Matt is also a fan of all things Australian.

He likes to cook and he’s a big fan of the Aussies and the Australian flag, so when he’s out there, he just enjoys going out and eating.

He also loves watching his mates play the guitar and sing along with the songs they’re playing.

Matt and the Band has been around since the mid-90s, so The Kill has been in

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