How to avoid the Irish ‘bodysnake’

The Irish have a reputation for being a dangerous place to go on holiday, but now a group of scientists have discovered that the island’s bumblebees have evolved the ability to produce a lethal cocktail of chemicals.

Researchers from the University of Exeter, who studied the behaviour of the bees, found that a chemical that is commonly used in the production of fireworks can also be used in an effective weapon.

They say this could help prevent bee attacks on humans, but not on other animals.

The discovery comes at a time when bee populations are at their lowest level since the industrial revolution.

Beekeepers in Ireland have been told to protect their hives from the insects in order to keep them safe.

The research was published in the journal Nature Communications.

“It is an important study that illustrates the potential for bees to defend themselves from other predators,” said lead author Professor Stephen Baddeley.

“This could be used as a deterrent to other bees, or in combination with other tools such as bee killers.”

The chemical is known as the d-phenylpyrrolidone (DPP).

In the laboratory, it is used to make fireworks and a variety of other products.

Researchers believe it can be produced by the bees in the hive to defend against other predators, and that this chemical may be used by humans to make a weapon.

The bees use it to make explosives and to attack other bees and other creatures in the environment.

“In the case of DPP, the bees are exposed to the insecticides,” said Professor Baddey.

“And this is the case even if they’re not using the chemical themselves, because they are exposed.”

It is not known exactly how bees create this cocktail of compounds, but Professor Brawley said that bees are known to make it by using a chemical called pyrophoric acid.

The bee uses this chemical to produce pyrophorus (or pyrophyrein), which is a strong acid.

Professor Biddeley said it is a chemical which is found in a wide range of animals, including birds, and was used in ancient times by humans.

Pyrophorus is a compound that can be made by animals.

“You can make pyrophorous acid from a number of other substances.

You can make it from a variety, from plants and animals,” he said.

“The way it works is that the insect dies and you’re left with a new form of plant material which you can grow on.

It’s quite a complex process and it can take thousands of years.”

It was also found that bees produce DPP to make pyrophorus.

“They produce this chemical in response to the presence of another predator,” Professor Bawdy said.

He added that bees could also use pyrophorosin to make d-pyroxanone, a chemical often used as an explosive.

Pyrophenols are commonly used as explosives and pyroclastic eruptions, and can be used to build bombs.

The researchers believe that DPP has evolved to be a lethal chemical for bees, and is able to produce chemicals which are effective at killing other insects.

Professor Anthony Baddeweley, from the School of Chemistry at the University at Albany, said that while DPP is not used in weapons, it could be useful for beekeepers.

“Bees have developed a very strong defence against other bees,” he told The Irish Sun.

“So if you have a chemical like this that is lethal to other insects, then you could potentially be using it in the defence against an intruder, or as a defence against the bee itself.”

Prof Baddeeley said the beekeepers who use DPP are using it to protect themselves.

He added: “It’s not something that you can go around spraying on the walls of a building.” “

We need to be aware that these chemicals are toxic and that they’re very volatile.”

He added: “It’s not something that you can go around spraying on the walls of a building.”

The study was conducted at the B.S. Fungi Laboratory at the Exeter College of Agriculture, where Prof Brawey was an undergraduate.

It was funded by the British Government through the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC).

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