How to Play the 80s: The Bands that Are All About Music

Bleacher reports that 80s bands have been making waves in the past decade.

They were all on the rise by the time of the 80’s, but it’s still important to remember that not all 80s music is created equal.

There are some bands that are truly classic and timeless and others that are just good.

This is why we’re highlighting the 80-s bands that we believe are the best 80s acts of the past ten years.

So, without further ado, here are our Top 80 80s Band Songs of the Year.


“Love Me Like I Love You” by The Cure The Cure – “Love Myself” 2.

“We Will Rock You” (feat.

The Cure) The Cure (featuring The Cure, James Mercer, Michael Stipe) – “We Won’t Stop” (The Cure) 3.

“In The Morning” by Queen “In the Morning” (Queen) – Queen 4.

“Sleeping Beauty” by Oasis “Sleepless In Paris” (Oasis) – Oasis 5.

“Til I Fall” by Fleetwood Mac “Till I’m Dead” (Fleetwood Mac) – Fleetwood Man 6.

“The King And I” by U2 “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” (U2) – U2 7.

“I’m Not Gonna Let You Down” by AC/DC “Hurt” (AC/DC) – AC/DCT 8.

“You’re The Man” by Pink Floyd “Wish You Were Here” (Pink Floyd) – Pink Floyd 9.

“My Hero” by Elton John “The Way You Move” (Elton John) – Elton James 10.

“Happiness Is A Warm Gun” by the Rolling Stones “I Believe I’m Loved” (Rolling Stones) – The Rolling Stones 11.

“Don’t Stop Believin'” by Neil Young “Climbing” (Neil Young) – Neil Young 12.

“A Boy Named Sue” by Pearl Jam “The Night” (Pearl Jam) – Pearl Jam 13.

“What If” by Alice Cooper “Harmonica” (Alice Cooper) – Alice Cooper 14.

“Crazy Train” by John Lennon “Imagine” (John Lennon) – John Lennon 15.

“Stairway To Heaven” by Madonna “The Only Way Is Up” (Madonna) – Madonna 16.

“Get Up” by Bruce Springsteen “I Got A Feeling” (Bruce Springsteen) – Bruce Spring, The Man, Springsteen 17.

“When I Come Around” by Stevie Wonder “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction” (Stevie Wonder) – Stevie Van Halen 18.

“Just A Little Light” by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers “Hip Hop Love Song” (Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers) – Tom Petty 19.

“Like A Rolling Stone” by T. Rex “Tears Of Rage” (T.

Rex) – T. Rex 20.

“She’s A Woman” by Mariah Carey “You Got The Love” (Mariah Carey) – Mariah 21.

“No More Parties In LA” by Whitney Houston “You Can’t Do That” (Whitney Houston) – Whitney Houston 22.

“Sweet Little Sixteen” by Sting “No Way To Love”, Sting – Sting 23.

“All My Loving” by Aerosmith “Bouncing Back” (Aerosmith) – Aeros, The Aerosophics 24.

“Loser” by Bob Dylan “Somewhere In The Sky” (Bob Dylan) – Bob Dylan 25.

“Let Me Tell You Something” by Paul Simon “Let It Be” (Paul Simon) – Paul Simon 26.

“Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” by David Bowie “The Big Chill” (David Bowie) – David Bowie 27.

“Can’t Stop The Feeling” by Johnny Cash “Darling Nikki” (Johnny Cash) – Johnny Cash 28.

“Back In Black” by Guns N’ Roses “Ain’t Gonna Give You Up” – Guns N Roses 29.

“Good Lovin'” by The Beatles “You Know What I Mean” (Guns N’ Rollers) – Guns n’ Roses 30.

“It’s Alright Ma (Get Outta My Way)” by the Who “A Hard Day’s Night” – The Who 31.

“Everybody Loves Somebody” by Santana “Samba” (Santana) – Santana 32.

“Ripple” by Neil Diamond “All I Need Is Love” – Neil Diamond 33.

“Blues” by Eric Clapton “A Day In The Life” (Eric Claptons) – Eric Clapton 34.

“Baby Got Back” by Depeche Mode “It Ain’t Me” (Depeche mode

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