‘Rock band’ is ‘the biggest thing we’ve ever created’ – Peter Gabriel

A new rock band has been born in Israel after the country’s music industry suffered a sharp downturn after the death of the countrys best-known rock singer, Peter Gabriel. 

The band, the new incarnation of the band of the same name (Rock Band 4), has a new lineup of musicians that includes guitarist Peter Gabriel (guitar), singer Orianna Gabriel (bass), drummer Yael El-Sayed (drums) and drummer Nina Gonzalez (greens). 

Gabellos band, Rock Band 4, was formed in 2013 after he was unable to perform with his band, The New Age, after a failed solo career. 

Gabel had been performing with the band since 2007, and he said he wanted to make a band that would represent the country. 

He said in a statement that the band was born out of a shared desire to bring the country back to its roots, which were the music and culture of the 60s, 70s and 80s, and that was something the musicians and their fans had been asking for.

“The music of the past was a powerful tool for the artists to bring people together.

But it wasn’t enough.

It wasn’t something that could truly capture the hearts and minds of people,” Gabriel said. 

“Today, I am able to bring a band with my own musical talents that I think will be the biggest thing we have ever created. 

We have created something unique, something that will have a very special impact on our fans and fans of other musicians who have come before us.”

Gabriel is currently the lead singer of the band, and the other members are: Karen Klein (guitars), Katie Kirkpatrick (bass), Olivia Larsen (drumming) and Nanaima Mozaffar (drums). 

Rock Band 3’s other members include Tristan Byrd (grets, drums), Tommy Cottrell (trombone), Matt Gardner (percussion), Michael Lemmens (gutten), Chris Schreiber (trumpet), Dan Kluger (vocal) and David Mazzacore (keyboards). 

The announcement comes just days after the band announced a comeback, with Gabriel announcing his intention to play a gig at the Tel Aviv International Film Festival on May 18.

Gabriel, who had been living in Israel since 2007 after he had returned from a tour in the United States, said he was proud of the musicians, but he also hoped the band would be remembered for what it meant to him and his fans.

“We’ve been making music for 30 years and this is our last album,” Gabriel told the Knesset.

“We want to do this as a tribute to what we have done together, to what our fans have made of us, and to all the musicians that have been part of this journey.” 

Rock band, RockBand 4, will perform at Tel Aviv International Film Festival, May 18 . 

Source: The Jerusalempost

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