Berlin boy band gets metal bracelets

Berlin boyband Rubber Band has become a global phenomenon with their bracelets that have become the latest fashion trend in Europe.

The bracelets feature images of the band members wearing their trademark skullcap and earrings.

The band, which is known for its hip hop style, recently released a music video for its hit song “We’re Rubber Band” in which the band’s member, Jang, is seen wearing the bands earrings on stage.

The band is also set to release a new album in the fall, with the band currently on tour.

Rubber Band also recently released the video for their new track “We Are Rubber Band,” which is titled “We.”

The band has also shared an image of Jang wearing a metal band bracelet on Twitter, saying, “The band’s new album is out, and we’re Rubberband.

We’re RubberBand.”

Read more about band,music,music music,berlins,berliner source Vice Media title The Berlin band Rubber Band is the next trend in fashion article A group of teenagers from Berlin have become an international phenomenon thanks to their band bracelocks.

The group, known for their hip hop sound, recently announced a new music video.

Jang, who is known as the band leader, said he loves metal bands and has been a fan since childhood.

He said his favorite band is Metallica, but they aren’t the band he most likes.

“I have a lot of Metallica fans in my family,” he said.

“We have a good connection with metal fans and I’m a Metallica fan myself.”

Jang said he would like to collaborate with the Metallica band on an upcoming record.

He also has a lot in common with the songwriter and bassist of Metallia, lead singer Lars Ulrich.

Ulrich is a member of the rock band The Who.

“We just really liked his style, his style is pretty similar to mine and I really like his style,” he told CNN.

“So it’s kind of the perfect combination.

I would really like to be a part of that band and work with Lars.”

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