When K-pop and Chevelle bands are fun to watch: ‘A band of misfits’

The ChevelLE band was founded by two teenage boys in the city of Bando, in the southern state of Haryana, in 2012.

It was a small band, with only three members and was known for its playful music.

Now, two of the band’s members have been arrested for the attempted murder of a police officer in Haryan, and a third is under investigation for his involvement in the gang rape of a woman.

“We have three young boys that love music and love the music scene,” said Kattan Bhattacharya, ChevelLe’s lead singer and bandmate.

“But the time has come for the band to become an independent group that can promote its music without any interference from the government.”

The band’s new management team is now looking to bring in a producer.

In addition to the band, the band also has several other bands and other bands from the area that it wants to showcase.

They are currently in the process of finding an artist to play on their new album.

“The band is the biggest, but it’s not the only one that has been getting into it,” said Bhattacarya.

“This is a group that has a good talent base, but we are looking for a producer to do it.”

The new band will now have to be put on a public stage.

“Our music has a certain image that can’t be changed by the government,” said Bando Sridhar, a young ChevelLle fan and member of the new band.

“When we play, we will be playing with our friends and with the people around us.

We are playing for everyone, because we love this music.”

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