How to find the best band names for college basketball fans

We’re going to start off by asking a question: Which band name would you most like to see on your team’s uniform?

As it turns out, there are a lot of great band names, but there are also a few that we wouldn’t have picked to have in our team’s uniforms.

Here’s a list of the best football band names you can find on college football uniforms.


The Blue Devils The Blue Devil Band The Blue Devils were one of the most iconic American bands of the ’50s, and the name stuck with them for decades.

The band is known for their heavy-hitting and aggressive style and are often credited with inspiring the music scene in New York.

The name is also considered to be one of hip-hop’s most recognizable lyrics.


The Red Devils The Red Devil Band Red Devils were the quintessential punk band of the late ’60s, before their popularity took a huge hit during the ’70s.

The group is often credited for bringing out the rebellious spirit of the era and playing hard to get.

Their song, “We’re the Red Devils,” was featured in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and was also used as a song title in The Rockford Files.


The Rockettes The Rockette Band The Rocketeers were one the original punk bands of ’80s America, before the genre’s popularity took another big hit in the ’90s.

In their music, the band featured heavy riffs and a hardcore attitude.


The New Kids on the Block The New Kidz On The Block The band’s name is one of punk rock’s most popular and is considered by many to be the most important punk band in history.

The song, entitled “We All Die Young,” is used as the opening theme song of Rockers, a TV show on Nickelodeon.


The Temptations The Tents The Tends The Tubes were one half of the punk rock band, The Tamps, and were one-half of the rock band The Testers, who were considered to have one of rock’s greatest albums.

The music video for their song, titled “Ladies and Gentlemen, the Tents,” was used as an opening theme music for the Nickelodeons Super Bowl Halftime Show.


The Shakes The Shaking Band The Shakers were a band that had a huge influence on rock, especially the punk movement.

They also contributed to the early punk rock sound.

The first track on their album, “Rockin’ in the Free World,” was originally written by The Clash’s Mick Jagger.


The Replacements The Replaces The Replacents The ReplACents were one part of the seminal punk band, the Clash, and they also contributed heavily to the punk music sound.

“You Can’t Always Get What You Want,” a song featured in their film, The Last Temptation of Christ, was the opening music for The Clash and their debut album, The Clash: The Life and Times of Mick Jones.


The Damned The Dams The Dames The Damas were one out of the original rock bands, The Damed, and their band name, Thedams, is considered one of pop music’s most iconic songs.

The album, titled The Dam, was released in 1990 and was a smash hit.


The Stooges The Stoogs The Stoggies The Stoogges are a popular band in college basketball, but they aren’t as well known for being the name of the college basketball team.

Their band name is a pun on the word “stooges,” which refers to a type of animal that resembles dogs.


The Ramones The Ramone Ramones’ band name was originally a combination of two words: Ramone and the word Ram.

The word Ram means “power” and is an expression of anger.

The ram is the main character of the film Rambo.


The Cure The Cure is a band from England who were one band on the punk scene.

They were a punk band that were popular in the mid-’60s and were responsible for influencing a generation of rock and roll music.

Their hit song, Love, was a hit in America and inspired many other bands to write and record songs in the same vein.


The Zombies The Zombies were a rock band who released two albums, The Zombie Massacre and The Zombie Apocalypse.

The Zombie Apocolypse was released as a single on November 7, 1973, and included the song, You Can’t Keep Me Down.


The Bouncing Souls The Bumping Souls were a pop group that formed in New Orleans in 1969.

They formed a punk rock punk band called The Bunch and were notable for their catchy, hard-hitting music.


The Fonz The Foos The Fos were a popular British punk band who had a lot to do

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