The amniotes’ new mom may be a ‘foul-mouthed’ mother

The amnaiotes are getting a new mother this week.

The band’s new bassist, Emily DeWitt, gave birth to a baby girl on Sunday in the family’s home.

DeWit says her son, who she describes as a “beautiful little baby,” is the “perfect girl” who “isn’t like me at all.”

The band has yet to reveal details of the baby’s gender.

DePitt and her husband, Dave Waugh, are in the process of opening up their home to the public to help people find their birth mothers.

In the past, bands have opened their homes to fans, but DeWitter says the amnaiots have made a point to keep their babies in the privacy of their own home.

“We wanted to give her some privacy and keep her safe,” she says.

“There’s no pressure at all on anyone in the band.

We don’t have any fans, no media and no tour buses or anything like that.

Our little girl’s going to be very safe.”

DeWittle says the band is very proud of the new baby, who is expected to live up to the band’s name.

“I think we’ve been pretty quiet about this baby for a long time.

We’re just trying to take this baby to the next level and try to give it everything it can handle.

We just want to keep it all in its natural state and to keep all of the family members happy,” she said.

“When we found out about this little girl, I just thought, ‘Oh my god, this is amazing.

I can’t believe this happened.'”

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