Meet the Aqua Band’s newest album: The Life of a Bandsitter

You know how some people love their local band?

You also know that they tend to spend a lot of time in their backyard.

That’s exactly what the AquaBand is all about: a community-based music group that brings the energy of a local music scene to a group of friends, neighbors and family members in an effort to create a unique and positive community.

As the founder of the group, Dan Dutton, says, “Our goal is to make our music as relevant as possible for the music community as a whole.”

And while the Aqua band has only been active for about three years, it already has some international fanbases, with members from England, Sweden and the United States all coming together to share their unique sound.

But even with all that support, there are still times when the band is struggling financially.

The Aqua Band is a local, nonprofit organization that relies on donations and donations from the public to pay the bills.

But this year, the band was forced to shut down, as they could not find enough funding to pay staff salaries and keep operating.

They say that this was due to a combination of two things: lack of interest in their music and the cost of the band’s membership fees.

Dutton says that the band has made a decision to go on the road, which they plan to do this spring in support of a new record.

“We’ve got two bands going on tour and we want to put our music out there for everybody to hear, whether they’re a musician, a fan, or just someone that wants to see what we’ve got going on,” he says.

The new album will be released on April 10, and the band will be in New York for a show at Brooklyn Bowl, which has a capacity of 100 people.

They are also set to tour North America in May and June, and are already planning for a second summer show in Canada.

As Dutton puts it, “If we keep making music, we’re going to have some amazing new material, some great new people to tour with, and hopefully some new fans who want to see us play.”

For more from Mashable, pick up a copy of our Spring issue on newsstands on April 16.

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