What are the memes you like to make?

By now, the most iconic meme of all time is probably “The Simpsons” (a reference to the Simpson family), but that doesn’t mean the term “rubber bands” isn’t also on everyone’s minds.

“Bands are everywhere,” said Mark DeRosa, founder of the band Muse.

“People can buy bands for kids or just to be silly.”

Muse was born out of the idea of “dancing around on a band, not wearing a band on your head.”

DeRoso is a drummer for Muse who grew up in Miami, Florida.

When he got his start with a band he liked, DeRosos brother and co-manager Chris (who went by the alias “Gimme”) was a fan of the music.

“When I first got into it, I was like, ‘This is a band that I like,'” said DeRoscos brother, Chris DeRóosos.

“So I started buying their records and stuff, and that’s how I became a member of Muse.

When I started seeing people wearing bands on their head, I just figured, ‘Oh, yeah, this is where we are.’

It just kind of snowballed from there.”

In the early days, Muse had a limited number of bands to choose from, and the band started with only two members.

After a few years of building up their sound, the group expanded to have about 50 members, with Chris DeRoosos taking over as the lead guitarist.

In the early years, the band played small venues like the Odeon in Chicago and the Voodoo Lounge in Brooklyn.

As time went on, Muse started playing larger venues, like the Fillmore in San Francisco and the House of Blues in Chicago.

“I remember the house we played in Chicago with was like 70 people, and it was really crazy,” said DeRoosa.

“The house was kind of like a disco.

We were like, this might be the coolest disco I’ve ever been to.”

With their first two albums selling millions of copies, Muse was able to buy a second record label, EMI, and signed with Warner Music.

DeRoSos brother said the band had to find the right label for Muse.

“The label was like the most important thing for us to do,” said Chris Deroosos, “because if we didn’t have a label, we would be like, we need to get a label.'”

Muse released three studio albums in 2006: “Cerebral Palsy” (featuring bassist Josh Winkler), “The Black Dahlia” (with producer John Martin), and “I Wish I Was a Robot” (bassist Adam Yauch).

The band went on to release three more studio albums, including 2007’s “Dancing Around on a Band, Not wearing a Band on your Head.”

In 2009, the “Sleeping With Sirens” EP was released.

Muse’s last album, 2012’s “Vampire Weekend,” was a critical and commercial failure.

“We lost our label,” DeROSos said.

“And we had to start again.

That was a pretty big transition.”

The band decided to open for Muse on their “Stonewall” tour.

“It was like a little reunion for us,” said drummer Chris DeRosos.

The band has had some memorable performances, including the band’s performance at last year’s Grammy Awards where they played at the same time as fellow country rockers The Black Eyed Peas.

Muse played two sets of three songs, which included songs from their 2007 album “The Bends.”

“The Black Eyeds” is one of the best songs ever written about a band member and was played in the song “I Still Have a Little Bit of You” on “Slimer,” which also featured a vocal from Muse’s Chris De Rosos.

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