Resistance bands walMart have all the resistance they need, says activist

WASHINGTON — Walmart is all in for resistance bands, says a Walmart employee who has been a member for years.

A Wal-Mart employee in Alabama says the company has purchased a variety of resistance bands for the store.

It has not been announced yet.

Wal-Mart is all-in for resistance, says the employee.

“They have a very large selection of resistance and anti-capitalist and anti war items.

You can get all kinds of stuff,” he said.

He said Wal-Marts is always looking for ways to help people resist.

The employee said resistance bands are often given to people in need.

They are used to get rid of the fear that the government is watching you and are able to help them to be able to make decisions and get help, he said, adding that they can help people get jobs and be able get a better life.

In the last year, a number of protests have taken place at Wal-mart stores around the country.

During one protest, demonstrators were confronted by police who arrested several people, according to local news reports.

Activists have been using the bands as a way to organize and resist the effects of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

More than 1,000 people, including more than 200 Native Americans, have been arrested since November when the $3.8 billion pipeline was completed, according a tally by the American Indian Movement.

Hundreds of people have been injured as a result of protests, including one man who was seriously injured after being run over by a car while wearing a band.

After being run down by a vehicle in a protest, a protestor was struck by a truck and arrested by police.

Another man was injured after falling down a ladder, and a group of women were arrested after a brawl at a Walmart store.

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