When the world’s most famous sleep band is discovered in a warehouse

A band of musicians who spent their careers building a reputation as “sleep-dancing kings” has been found in a house in the Midlands.

The band’s band of horses are believed to be still alive, but the mystery of their fate remains unsolved.

The band members were found in the home of a retired schoolteacher, who also lives in a two-bedroom flat in Pembrokeshire, near Birmingham, and is believed to have been the original owners.

They were discovered in what appears to be a locked warehouse, with a note pinned to the door and a note taped to the wall saying: “This is the secret of our existence.

I will not tell you.”

The band consists of six musicians and a conductor, who have not been named.

They include a musician known as the “Queen Bee”, who has also worked as a singer and songwriter, and also played drums in bands including The Who and The Cure.

They are thought to have made their name by creating sleep-dance songs that have sold more than a million copies.

Some of the band members, who include the singer and singer-songwriter, are said to have performed on TV shows and TV dramas, and have written songs for film, television and stage productions.

“The band of horsemen has gone mad,” one of the notes said.

It is not known if the band were ever married.

The band has been in storage since the 1980s, when they were a part of a tour that included acts such as the Talking Heads and Pink Floyd.

There are no plans to release any further recordings.

Sources: BBC News (H/T: Daily Mail)

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